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Q: How can QuotaGuard be used as a browser proxy?


A: On Firefox 77.0.1 follow the instructions below

***Note that this is only for QuotaGuard Static and will not work on QuotaGuard Shield and QuotaGuard Dynamic

1. Click on the hamburger menu icon.

2. Click on Preferences or Options.


3. Scroll down to Network Settings under General and click Settings.


4. Follow the configuration below.

    - HTTP Proxy: proxy.quotaguard.com (ex. us-east-static-07.quotaguard.com)

    - Port: 9293

    - Put a check on "Also use this for FTP and HTTPS

    - Select OK


5. When prompted for Username/Password, enter your Username/Password which you can find in our dashboard or as part of the connection URL: 




6. Browse https://ip.quotaguard.com to test.

If you have any issues with this setup or it doesn't work for you, you can always reach out to us at Support and reference this article and we can help get you set up right away. 

If you have questions, or if this solution doesn’t work or fit your use case, please reach out to us at Support so we can help figure it out with you.

Working with sensitive data, like HIPAA, Financial, or Personally Identifiable Information (PII)? 
    Then you will want to check out our QuotaGuard Shield solution, it's the same as QuotaGuard Static, but with stronger end to end security for your requests. We can also help migrate current Static customers to Shield for free, just reach out to us at Support to request assistance.