QuotaGuard Static can be integrated with AppFog in three easy steps

Step 1. Sign-up for a free QuotaGuard Static trial account. You can start with whatever plan suits you and change it at any point during or after your free trial.

Step 2. Set the QUOTAGUARDSTATIC_URL environment variable in your AppFog app using the af command line tool. Your unique QUOTAGUARDSTATIC_URL is displayed on our Welcome screen when you sign up or can be viewed by going to Edit Account whenever you are signed in.


$ af env-add my-app QUOTAGUARDSTATIC_URL=http://user:pass@my-static-proxy.quotaguard.com:9293
Adding Environment Variable [QUOTAGUARDSTATIC_URL=http://user:pass@my-static-proxy.quotaguard.com:9293]: OK
Stopping Application 'my-app': OK
Staging Application 'my-app': OK
Starting Application 'my-app': OK


Step 3. Follow our setup guide for the language of your choice. If you language isn't listed and you want some assistance just send our support team an e-mail. You can be up and running with most languages with just a few lines of code.