QuotaGuard Static can be integrated with Windows Azure in just a few minutes by following these steps.

Step 1. Sign-up for a free QuotaGuard Static trial account. You can start with whatever plan suits you and change it at any point during or after your free trial.

Step 2. From the Windows Azure Management Portal, click Web Sites and then select your web site.

Windows Azure Dashboard

Step 3. Click CONFIGURE and then find the app settings section of the page.

Windows Azure Configuration Page

Step 4. In the app settings section, enter QUOTAGUARDSTATIC_URL in the KEY field, and your unique connection string in the VALUE field. Your uniqueQUOTAGUARDSTATIC_URL is displayed on our welcome screen when you sign up or can be viewed by going to Edit Account whenever you are signed in.

QuotaGuard Static Azure configuration setting

Step 5. Follow our setup guide for the language of your choice. If you language isn't listed and you want some assistance just send our support team an e-mail. You can be up and running with most languages with just a few lines of code.

Still got questions? Shoot us your questions at our Support portal by creating a ticket, we'll get back to you ASAP with solutions.